Bacardi Cruise Legacy 2016 Winner

Elixir Fizz

The ELIXIR FIZZ is inspired and created in the Alchemy bar where I fell in love and became passionate of creating unique custom concoctions based on individual guest’s tastes for a great value.

Since then, Mixology has change my life. I choose power of love and inspiration to create unique mixed flavours. Like the Alchemy, process of transforming, or changing, something ordinary into something extraordinary, I have chosen 4 simple ingredients vanilla, thyme, Port Tawny and cherry bitters mixed all together with Bacardi Superiore and Prosecco. The result is wonderfully flavored balanced concoction which will bring people to celebrate their life as Don Facundo Bacardi used to say.


45ml Bacardi Superior

22.5ml house made Vanilla/ Thyme syrup


15ml fresh lemon juice

60ml Prosecco

spiral of thyme

Fee Brothers Aztec CHERRY bitters spray


Shake all ingredients besides Prosecco. Double strain in red Wine glass with ice and Prosecco.

Gently stirr and garnish with 2 sprigs if thyme and several spraying of Fee Brothers Cherry bitter


In a small pot combine one part of granulated sugar (20oz) with one part of warm water (20oz). Over medium-high heat slowly stirr until sugar dissolved. When the syrup reaches full boil with big bubbles, reduce the heat to medium and add handful of finely chopped fresh Thyme and 3 Vanilla beans cut horizontally. Let it boil for about 5 minutes uncovered and let it sit for over night covered for a more intense flavor. Then strain.